AAEL Structure

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association formed by all members of the Association

The Bureau of the Association is a statutory and executive body:

Chairman: prof. JUDr. Anna Bandlerová, PhD., E-mail: Anna.Bandlerova@gmail.com
Vicechairmen of Association:
doc. JUDr. Lucia Palšová, PhD., E-mail :Lucia.Palsova@gmail.com
Mgr. Martin Dufala, PhD., E-mail: martin.dufala@flaw.uniba.sk
Mgr. Kristián Čechmánek, PhD., E-mail: kristian.cechmanek@uniag.sk

The association's reviewer Auditor: Ing. Zuzana Bohatova, PhD. , E-mail: bohatova.zuzana@gmail.com