Both legal and natural persons can become memebers of the Association. Membership in the association is voluntary and is decided on the basis of a written application sent to the AAEL General Assembly . 

Rights of the members of the Association:
-  participate in the activities of the Association
-  vote and to be elected in the bodies of the Association,
- addressing the bodies of the Association with their ideas, complaints and requests for a statement
- be informed about the activities and decisions of the bodies of the Association

Members' duties include:
- adhere to the rules of Association;
- assist in meeting the goals of the Association and actively participate in its work
- assist the Association to the best of one´s conscience, abilities and capabilities
- to pay membership fees
- protect and enhance the assets of the Association

Termination of AAEL membership:
- resignation - Membership shall expire on the day of delivery of a written notice by a member of the Association
- death of a natural person, or cessation of a legal person,
- dissolution of the association,
- exclusion if the member repeatedly and in spite of a warning violates their duties

The exclusion is decided by the AAEL General Assembly by a majority vote of all members of AAEL.