In accordance with the decisions taken during the meeting of the Board of Management on 12 th February 2021, the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly took place at 14 hours CET on Thursday 1 st July 2021, on line via Zoom .The agenda for the extraordinary meeting was the following:

On 31 May 2021, the introductory meeting of the project titled „The Pathway  to European Smart Education  in the Agri-Environmental Law under the COVID- 19 Crisis“ took place.

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The coordinator of the project entitled "The Pathway to European Smart Education in the Agri-Environmental Law under the COVID-19 Crisis" (EDULAW) is the  Slovak university of Agriculture in Nira. The project is realized in collaboration among 8  partners, from Italy, Slovakia, Poland  and Portug

Land Strat Webinar Season 2, Episode 3 | 08/2/21 14h-15h30 (CET, UTC+1 - Brussels)

The LandStrat Webinar Season 2 organized by the Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Movement in Europe and Central Asia goes on!

Association may rightly consider the year 2020 to be one of the most successful regarding its publishing activities.

An online meeting of the Management Board of the European Council for Rural Law (CEDR) took place on 6th November 2020. Slovakia was represented by: professor Anna Bandlerová and associate professor Lucia Palšová.