Training activities within the AGIT project (CERV-2022-CITIZENS-CIV)

In the frame  of the AGIT project , the Association of Agrarian and Environmental Lawyers organized 2 educational activities for students of the Spojená škola, Slančíková 2 Nitra (14.9.2023),as well as for members of Slovak Scouting (23.9.2023).

The aim of both these educational activities was to improve the awareness of the young generation about the problem of climate change and the environment. A total of 230 young people participated in the activities.

Speakers from AAEP provided the young participants with comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding current environmental issues. They pointed out the reasons for these problems and through practical examples and demonstrations, discussed possible ways to improve the climate. Together, the participants proposed measures that each individual can do to contribute to a healthy climate environment.