On 7th and 8th February 2020, the EUROPEAN COUNCIL FOR RURAL LAW (CEDR) meeting, attended by delegates - representatives of individual CEDR members, was held at the Faculty of Law of the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

Invitation to the international  academic conference " Bratislava Legal Forum 2020 " which will be held on 6 - 7 February 2020

The  XVI UMAU World Congress will be held in Nicaragua and co-organized by Asociación Nicaragüense de Derecho Agrario y Derecho Ambiental, under the auspices of the Corte Centroamericana de Justicia;

Project proposal titled: “ Effectiveness of Common Agricultural Policy Implementation in Slovakia (CAPE)",  application No: 611792-EPP-1-2019-1-SK-EPPJMO-SUPPA submitted by the Association of Agricultural and Environmental Lawyers

XXX European Congress and Colloquiuim of Agricultural Law will be holding their 30th bi-annual Congress in Poznan, Poland on Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 September 2019.

“Central European Initiative on Agricultural Land protection“  Conference organized by Faculty of European study  on April 2-5,2019

On 26th January 2019, CEDR Board of management (European Rural Law Council) took place at the Faculty of Law in Seville and was attended by delegates from France, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Slovakia.